Saturday, November 29, 2014

Diagnostic . Lalala~

Diagnostic? Sounds like gempak kan? Hahaha actually not gempak mana pun . It just final year examination but sbp punya version. It mean soalan dia susah ah . Haha

Ujian selaras  1 i got a good result with no fail . But in the mid year exam, everything changed . I never thought i will get D , E and the F grade in my exam . Mid year i got 4A 4B 2F and  US2 i got 4A 4B 1C 1F . And yea .. Alhamdulillah it getting better .

Finally, diagnostic come to challenge me . Although a little bit afraid , i keep on work hard day by day . And i put a target tht if i didnt get 5A and get a better ranking , i should stop trying to get her . Her? Who is she? Hahaha lol . I will tell who she is in the next post .

After study mcm nk mati until pukul4 pagi . And a little bit support and semangat from my crush,family and friends.And when the result came out , Alhamdulillah. I reached my goal . Haha so now i can keep trying to get her . Hahaha
The final result is . 7A- 2B and 1F .
Once again , addmath, fail . Hahaha
Hat-trick for me as it was the third time i fail in addmath . Hahaha. 2014 end with a happy ending. Haha.  Thats all for now . Bye


Ranking :
US1 : 114/175
Midyear : 84/175
US2 : 60/175
Diagnostic: 56/175

Life changed

Hi people . Assalamualaikum . How's life? Better ? Or worse? It had been almost two year im not working on this blog . So , two year? What had happened in two year ? Lot of things changed. New environment, new friends , new surrounding and of course new crush . Haha . Crush . Lol.

Before we talk about crush , lets talk about education.  In 2014, i had been promoted to be in the high performance school which is Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gopeng (SBPI Gopeng) or as known as igop . I never thought i would be in a great place like that . Haha it was like when your football team get be in the champion league.

You wont imagine how to be in the place that you never know . Life exactly 200% change. No more entertainment . Clever students and genius everywhere... New subject .. many many beautiful girls . Its hard for me for the first month . New stream which is the science technical stream that consists two new subject that i really really hate in the old days . But, day by day pass and 2014 is about to end . Lots of best and unforgettable memories in a year with new friends . okay . Gtg . I stop here and will continue later . Bye  assalamualaikum