Saturday, December 10, 2016

Starbucks Coffee Company .

Assalamualaikum and Hi ,

After a day of work or study, many people choose to chill after working hour by doing things they love to. Having coffee or tea in the evening are relaxing for those coffee and tea lover. Talking about coffee,there are many cafe or coffee company or even coffee brand all around the world but for me, when it comes to coffee, the first thing come out of my mind is Starbucks.

What is Starbucks?

Are you kidding me? Its the best coffee cafe in the world. Haha. Actually is a coffee cafe which serves one of the best coffee in the world. Besides starbucks, there's also many coffee cafe or brands such as Coffee and Co. And Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Every coffee brands have their own special ingredient to make their coffee better than other one. Im not saying that Starbucks is the best for everyone as different people have different interest but what can i say, you might choose other coffee brand but you must try to have a drink here. Because i bet, you wont regret at all. Why i said that? Bcs every coffee lover know what their tongue really want and trying different type of coffee from different brands will lead you to more understanding of the taste of coffee with the way it served.

Isn't the price too expensive?

When it come to price, yes it is. Because of what? Because its a handcrafted beverages compare to those canned coffee drink which contain more caffien compared to the handcrafted one. Its totally different between the taste of canned drink and the freshly brewed one. Canned coffee only can help you to stay up at a night or help you when you're in stress but for me, when im stressed out, i will choose to drink handcrafted coffee compare to those ready made. If i could get one at that time. Well, its not a big deal to try any coffee flavor or which cafe or brand you going to choose, and about the money, it won't be a waste if you spend for things you want in life

Other than coffee, what do they served?

Same as other cafe, where besides drinks or beverages, they also have food. This is what you need to know, every cafe have their own special food menu. You might go to any cafe but dont expect the taste going to be same. For starbucks, it has their own food including sandwiches, bakery, cakes and also desserts. And the latest one, they serve pasta too but only in few stores .

Well, its my passion to drink coffee and im here to share bout my passion. Thank you for reading and do ask me anything. Tell me what you want to know more. Im going to start share the location of Starbucks Outlets around Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. And also review about their drinks. Trust me, my tongue never lie 😊 .


Jeq The Starbucks Traveller.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Talk about travel, who doesnt want to travel? Everybody want to travel. For me travel is going to place where you haven't been before. Not just by plane, by walking also can . So i decided to walk around Kuala Lumpur and took pictures as it is my passion in life. 

Taking LRT from Station University KL Gateway will take you to KL Sentral where the main station in KL and you can decided on where to go and what you going to ride. For example, if you want to go to Bukit Bintang, Berjaya Times Square and Pavillion. You will have to take monorail bcs it will bring you straight to those place. If you want to go to KLCC or other place in KL such as Masjid Jamek, Pasar Seni, you have to choice either to take LRT or Komuter . Differences between LRT and Komuter are LRT costs few sen more than komuter BUT LRT could help you to reduce time taken to reach to a destination compare to Komuter which i would say very slow. However try to not to be in train of peak hour bcs you might going to be in a train full of human as both LRT and Komuter have large amount of passengger during peak hour. Manage time wisely if you want to travel with a happy mood or it will end up with unpleasent feeling.

Kuala Lumpur might a concrete jungle but trust me, those concrete building also have their own artistic value and for those photographer who sick of pictures of flowers , you should try to be an architecture photographer. It's totally awesome and also there's lot of people behavior around this big city. Maybe you might find the one for you there. If you have any question about how to travel around KL , you can ask me on my twitter and yea it would be great if you explore it by yourself . Jangan sesat sudah . hahaha .

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New World


      Its been a long time since last update, maybe a year ago. Alhamdulillah still live in this world and 18 isnt a great number actually. It just an age where many new things to be learn and the real difficulty in life will be face. After 5 years of high school,university life is exactly not the same as high school life where more people you meet and more challenges coming ahead. Lots of intelligent brains around here. Need to prepare for everythig and still have trouble with the same subject since I was born . Its math.

   7A 2B 1C , people said it was a great result for spm but for me, its not being ungrateful but you know you could get more if you work harder and yet , alhamdulillah im still grateful for the result. At least i made my parents smile and not cry , that's the real purpose of life. Never make them cry bcs of you . SBPI Gopeng, school with islamic background, where i never thought im going to be but i taught me lot of things and closer me to the Islam. And who know? Maybe Allah want to prevent me from bad things of the world and thats the reason why im here.

Now, im here , not in other country ,just Malaysia, a University in a city which not too far from UM ( University Malaya ) which is my dream place, but consider the ram of my brain not so high although the internal space is still not fullfil. Im here ,in International Islamic University Malaysia .
Is it UIA? Yes it is . im an UIA student and feel proud to be here although realised that this place also full of lies just like the world nowdays but im happy to be here . Foundation in Engineering and passed first sem with quite good pointer above 3.0 and now having short sem with 2 subjects and its boring as you have more time to sleep than class.

UIA is the very best place if you want a study without rush. What i mean here is, other university's foundation need you to complete your studies in a year for example. But in UIA, it all depends on your first examination before you start studies here. It called APT( ARABIC PLACEMENT TEST) AND EPT ( ENGLISH PLACEMENT TEST) . it could be a year or maybe two year of foundation. I know you might think you gonna waste time of your life stuck at foundation studies while you friends taking degree but , its better than complete your foundation with a bad pointer . you can add your sem up to sem I guess . Its a place where you could score on  your foundation well and book your place in the main campus for degree as the requirement quite tough where 3.5 is the limit of pointer if you want to be in Kulliyyah of Engineering later .

I think ive been talking too long and till we meet again . btw ive a new hobby, it called, collecting starbucks cup . Gonna make review of starbucks in next post . Wait for it .

Assalamualaikum .